Wholesaling and warehousing must also be expected to decentralize in some measure. In the Market Analysis already referred to, the consultants** have this to say,

One cannot be very optimistic about the future of wholesaling and warehousing in the downtown. It is natural that as other western Canadian centres develop, Winnipeg will become relatively less important as a distribution centre. This will likely have a particularly strong impact on the firms which are oriented to the railroad. Furthermore as noted in a previous chapter, Winnipeg is becoming a wholesaling centre for producer rather than consumer goods. These industries tend to locate in suburban areas. While downtown Winnipeg will probably remain the distribution hub of Metropolitan Winnipeg, prosperous firms will tend to avoid locating downtown because of more desirable locations elsewhere, and new larger organizations will locate out of the downtown in those areas where sufficiently large tracts of land are available for the construction of modern single storey structures.