There are five public parks or playgrounds in the study area. The largest of these is Memorial Park situated just north of the Legislative Buildings along Osborne Street. It is under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government, contains 4.4 acres of formal lawns and gardens with reflecting pool and fountain. It has no facilities for active recreation. The second largest park is Central Park, located between Carlton and Edmonton on the east and west, and Qu'Appelle and Cumberland on the south and north. It contains a total of 3.5 acres under the jurisdiction of the City of Winnipeg; 2.6 acres are used for a quiet park with the focal point being a scaled reproduction of the Edinborough Monument in Scotland; 0.9 acres are used for a playground containing swings, slides, wading pool and washroom facilities. There is only one other playground facility in the study area McFadyen memorial park, owned by the City of Winnipeg on the north-west corner of York and Hargrave Streets. Table 3.2 lists the names, locations and acreages of the parks, and indicates under what jurisdiction they fall.

There are three schools in the study area. The Winnipeg Public School Board operates Alexandra Elementary School. The total enrollment is 218 is divided into six grades, plus a kindergarten and special classes. The building is obsolete and the School Board has recently announced its intention to demolish this school and re-allocate its pupils to other schools. The Adult Education Centre is located in the former Isbister School, also under the jurisdiction of the Winnipeg School Board. Located on Vaughan Street north of Portage, it has a total enrollment of 320. This building is also obsolete. There is one parochial school in the area. The Catholic Church operates St. Mary's Montessori School, a seven-room building with 56 students from several locations in Winnipeg. The school is extremely old and does not meet present-day educational standards.

There does not seem to be much pressure for additional classroom space in the downtown area. Replacement of existing facilities is needed but it is felt that this replacement need not be on the same site. Other locations may be found within easy reach of the study area but not necessarily in it, as is the case with junior and senior high school facilities at present.