In 1967 there were a total of 1596* occupied business premises and 383 vacant premises in the Downtown study area. These figures were obtained from the Metropolitan Corporation assessment records and do not include exempt premises such as some government offices, schools and churches, etc. The occupied premises were made up of 304 owner occupied and 1292 tenant occupied premises. The 383 vacant premises represented about 19% of the total number of business premises in the study area.

An [XMLmind] of the number of business firms in Downtown Winnipeg, according to the Standard Industrial Classification of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, reveals that the predominant industrial division is the Community, Business and Personal Service category which accounts for 47% of the 1596 firms. There are two other major industrial categories in the Downtown: the Retail Trade category which has 18% of the total firms, and the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate category which has 13% of the total firms. Thus 78% of the Downtown business fall into three industrial divisions of the Standard Industrial Classification.

The Community, Business and Personal Service division includes a fairly wide range of categories. The Standard Industrial Classification major groups for Health and Welfare Services has 266 firms or 16.7% of the firms in the Downtown. This reflects the concentration in the Downtown of medical and dental practitioners offices, medical clinics, and the mechanical and technical laboratories which service them. The other significant service industries are: Business Services representing 10% of the businesses; Personal Services 10%, Miscellaneous Services 8%.