The total non-residential floor area in the Downtown, according to the Metropolitan Corporation's assessment records is 8,750,416 square feet. The vacant floor area amounts to 459,600 sq. ft. or approximately 5% of the total floor area leaving 8,290,816 sq. ft. of occupied floor space.

The largest users of non-residential floor space are the retail stores which account for 35% o the total occupied floor space. The greatest concentrations of retail floor space are found between Portage Avenue and Graham Avenue and between Memorial Blvd. and Smith Street. This section of Portage Avenue is the retail centre of Winnipeg which is dominated by the Hudson's Bay Co. at Portage and Memorial and Eaton's at Portage and Donald. The area between Memorial and Edmonton has 85% of the occupied floor space in the retail trade category, the area between Edmonton and Smith has 75%, and the area between Graham and York, Main to Memorial has 67%.

It is estimated that 1,415,516 sq. ft. of floor space is used by governments in the Downtown which represents about 16% of the total floor space.

Wholesale and warehousing establishments account for only 3.7% of the total non-residential floor space. Manufacturing establishments account for only 3.9% of the total non-residential floor space. The other two categories which occupy a relatively small floor area are the construction industry with 0.5% and the agricultural industry with 0.1%.This means that these four industries occupy a total floor space of 8.4% of the total non-residential floor space in the study area.

The Community, Business and Personal Service Industries category taken all together comprise 21% of the total occupied floor area. The most significant group is the personal service (hotels, lodging houses, funeral parlours and miscellaneous services) which has 906,300 sq. ft. or 11% of the occupied floor space. The largest percentage of occupied floor space in the service categories is found in the three blocks directly west of Portage and Main on the north side of Portage Avenue.