It is estimated that in 1966 there were 31,513 employees in the Downtown Winnipeg study area. The employment in Metropolitan Winnipeg for the same period was estimated at 203,000 employees. This means that the study area represents about 16% of the total number of employees in Metropolitan Winnipeg.

The number of business (private sector) employees in the study area was obtained fro the 1967 Business Assessment rolls. This source revealed that out of a total of 1596 business premises, 1530 or 96% reported 25,457 employees. The 66 non-reporting premises represent about 1056 employees, based upon the prevailing average of 16 employees per business premise. The total business employment figure for the reporting and non-reporting business premises is then estimated at 26,513 employees. A survey of the government offices in the study area indicates that there were approximately 5,000 government employees. The total number of employees in the study area in 1966 was therefore 31,513, consisting of 5,000 government employees and 26,513 employees in private industry.

The major employer in the Downtown is the retail trade industry with 40% of the employees. The other major employers in the study area are Government and Defense, Service and Finance, Insurance and Real Estate industries which account for 20%, 20% and 12% of the total employees respectively. These four industries are the major employers in the Downtown study area, and together account for over 90% of all the employees working in this area. Table 4.7 shows the distribution of employees by industry. The south side of Portage Avenue between Memorial Boulevard and Smith Street is the major retailing area with about 78% of all employees engaged in retailing. This stretch of Portage Avenue has the Hudson's Bay Co. retail store and the T. Eaton Co. retail store; these two stores are the most important retailers in Winnipeg and their presence is obvious from the employment figures as well as the other information such as floor area and annual rental value. The area between Graham Avenue and St. Mary is also an important retail enclave, with about 76% of all employees engaged in retailing, which reflects the presence of the T. Eaton Co. mail order store located in this area.

The area bounded by Portage, Graham, Main and Smith, and the area between York and Assiniboine contain large numbers of employees in the finance, real estate and insurance industry with 32% and 24% of the total employees in the respective areas. There are two separate concentrations in this industry. The first is located around Portage Avenue and Main Street. The second is located along Broadway.

The [XMLmind] bounded by Graham, Edmonton, St. Mary and Vaughan contains a significant proportion of employees in the service industries accounting for 79% of all the employees from that location. These employees for the most part work i the Medical Arts complex.

The Service industry has a large proportion of employees in the area lying between Portage Avenue and Ellice Avenue (about 56%). The hotel and personal service firms predominate in blocks west of Donald Street in this sector; the retail firms account for only 22% of the employees.