Information on the length of occupancy of the firms at their present site and on whether or not these firms were planning to more was collected in the survey. Firms wishing to remain were asked to give reasons for remaining and the firms indicating that they were going to move were asked where they would move to. Nine hundred and thirty-six firms returned information on their length of tenure. This is approximately a 58% return which offers a fairly accurate picture of the stability of the business in the study area. Around 46% of the firms indicated that they have been in the study area over 10 years. The firms located at their present site from between 2 to 9 years amounted to 43% of the responding businesses.

The firms that were located at their present site for less than ten years were asked to give their previous location if they were in the same business. Seventy-nine firms replied to this question with 93% indicating they were previously located in the City of Winnipeg. The remaining firms come from St. Boniface, St. James, St. Vital and Transcona.

The number of firms replying to the question asking whether they plan to move was 934, or 58% out of a possible 1595 firms. The firms indicating that they plan to move from their present location totalled 139 which represents 15% of the responding firms. This leaves 85% of the firms indicating that they planned to remain in their present location.

The firms that indicated that they plan to move were asked to identify the area they planned to move to. Ninety-nine firms replied with all but three indicating that they were going to move within the City of Winnipeg. More specifically, 95 out of the 99 firms replying indicated that they were all moving into Lombard Place on the north-east corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street. Thus the new “skyscraper” which now dominates Winnipeg's skyline was attracting businesses even before construction was well underway. This my be some indication of the significance of Lombard Place as a stimulating factor in the redevelopment of Downtown Winnipeg.

*This does not include governments or their agencies. There were 17 agencies of government active since 1967, which would bring the total of occupied premises, public and private to 1613.

Illustration 4-B: Aerial View of Study area looking down Portage Avenue.