The [XMLmind] carried out i the winter of 1967-68 by the Metropolitan Corporation revealed that the study area had a population of 8,540 persons. This figure is the lowest in the last 27 years. Table 5.1 contains the census figures which indicate the steadily downward trend in the size of the Downtown population.

Population figures from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics and those from the Metropolitan Corporation are not strictly comparable to that D.B.S. counts the permanently resident population while the Corporation does not. For example, a person in the Armed Forces stationed elsewhere in Canada would be included as a Winnipeg resident by D.B.S., but not by the Corporation. Therefore, it may not be entirely valid to assume from the statistics that the population has decreased by 166 people over the 2 year interval, as suggested by the D.B.S. figures for 1966 and the Corporation survey figures for 1968. This, however, does not reduce the value of the 1941 - 1966 trend figures which are D.B.S. figures entirely, and internally consistent.

The population has declined in relative terms as well as absolute terms. In 1941, the study area constituted 5.2% of the total Metropolitan population. By 1951, this proportion had decreased to 3.7%. In succeeding years it dropped further, to 2.0% in 1961 and to 1.7% in 1966. These figures from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics indicate the marked decline in the population of the study area and also indicate its historical downward trend.