The majority of residents of the study area over 15 years of age employed either full or part time, work in or close to the study area. Only 17.2% of the total labour force works outside the boundaries of the City of Winnipeg. Table 5.13 gives the analysis by location.

A clearer idea of the proximity of the labour force to their places of employment is given in Table 5.14 which analyzes the distances travelled to work. Fully 58.2% of employed persons live within one mile of their jobs. If the "Not Applicable cases are assumed to be persons working at their places of residence, the figure rises to 63.3%.

As [XMLmind] as 43.3% of the full time labour force walks to work, which indicates the large number of people who live close to their jobs. A further 27.1% use the transit service. Only 21.6% travel to and from work by private car. There is a correlation between this low percentage and the large number of persons in the study area—68.7% -- who do not own a car. Table 15.5% gives the figures for the mode of travel to work and Table 15.6 gives the car ownership.