Of 4,954 households in the area, 98.1% were occupied by tenants at the time of the survey. Since rented households are so dominant, monthly rental payments assume a great deal of significance. Most monthly rents (42.1%) are between $60 and $99. Low rentals (under $40) are concentrated in the area north of Portage between Balmoral on the west and Notre Dame and Qu'Appelle, and in the area between York and Portage east of Donald. Only 23.9% of all renters pay over $100 per month. The higher rents are in the high-density area between Assiniboine and Broadway, and in the area which includes Regency Towers. The rents paid by the predominantly lower-income group over 65 years of age are especially significant. About 41% of this group pay rents between $60 and $99. In view of the low incomes, rental payments n this bracket are probably too high for a great many of the residents. A high proportion of this age group pays under $60 in rent but it is probably still valid to say that many pensioners are paying more in rent than they can afford.

the statistics derived from the survey regarding the condition of the interiors of the dwelling units showed that 77.5% were in good or fair condition. Dwellings classified as poor constituted 15.0% of the total, and those described as very poor constituted 7.5%. Most of the latter types were concentrated immediately adjacent to the retail core at Portage Avenue.

Another pertinent factor in this area is the degree of overcrowding. The statistics relate to both owners and tenants. Only 4.4% of all dwellings in the study area were over-crowded (i.e., more than one person per habitable room). The area with the highest incidence of over-crowding, 9.6%, was between Portage and York east of Donald.