The degree of mobility in the study area is high. Of all the households in the area, 42.8% had lived in their present address one year or less. An additional 26.9% had lived at their present address between one and four years. Movement in and out of the area, as opposed to movement within the area, is not quite as high. Table 5.18 shows that only 53.7% of all households had been in the study area four years or less, in contrast to 69.7% of all households which had been at their present address four years or less.

Of the 53.7% of the residents who had lived in the study area for four years or less, 45.4% came from somewhere in the City of Winnipeg outside the study area. An additional 12.8% came from the suburbs and 14.9% from elsewhere in Manitoba. There was not much in-migration from the rest of Canada or outside Canada.