In summary, a plan for the development of Winnipeg's Downtown should be based on the following elements:

The encouragement of high density apartment development as the major thrust of the plan;

[XMLmind] acquisition by the public of land in strategic locations for development with parking structures, combined with other uses;

The creation of a weather-protected pedestrian circulation system at a level above the ground, probably fifteen or sixteen feet, which will link together all of the major locations of the Downtown, and ultimately provide sheltered access to every part of the Downtown;

The creation of a public open space system, including a series of "winter gardens" which would provide year-round green spaces;

The development of public recreation facilities such as a conservatory, aquarium, enclosed skating rink, swimming pool, etc. as part of the public investment in stimulating the development of the Downtown, but also as part of the public provision of amenities to serve the Metropolitan area.

* Reid, Crowther, and Partners Ltd. op-cit.