The non-residential blocks, as indicated, will contain parking, shopping, recreation and entertainment facilities. It is intended that in each of the six blocks involved, the basic development will be a parking structure. This will consist of two parking levels below grade, one at grade, and one above grade. Above the top parking level will be the pedestrian movement corridor, flanked on each side by shops, cafes, boutiques, restaurants and other types of commercial and recreational establishments.

In the non-residential blocks, the pedestrian corridors are oriented north-south. In the residential blocks, the pedestrian corridors run east-west. The two sets of corridors intersect in the non-residential blocks, and at the points of intersection it is intended that major clusters or nodes of recreation, entertainment, and shopping facilities will be developed.

On the level above the pedestrian corridor (and shopping and entertainment) level, it is intended that there will be a variety of structures such as an aquarium, conservatory, ice-skating rink, motor hotel, office building, and so on, all of which would be directly accessible from the pedestrian corridor, and some of which would be simply vertical extensions of the facility on the pedestrian level below.