The period over which the plan should be carried out is twenty years. Within the overall twenty-year period of the plan two major phases may be identified, each consisting of a ten-year period. During the first ten-year phase the proposals for the two key areas (and the first part of the riverbank park, and extension of Central Park) should be realized; and during the last ten years the balance* of the plan should be realized.

The [XMLmind] of the proposals for the two key areas will require direct public initiatives in specific development programs. The rest of the Downtown will not require “planned” programs in the public sector. Whatever action may be necessary in these areas will be consequent upon development in the private sector, and will be undertaken as circumstances dictate.

But the two groups of activities the public and the private must dovetail together and complement each other. The principal role of the public sector will be to create the sites for parking, to develop the open spaces, weather-protected pedestrian corridors, recreation facilities, and other amenities which will improve the Downtown environment and render it attractive to private investment; and the principal role of the private entrepreneur will be to build the high-density apartments, and develop the commercial uses proposed in the plan.